Indevin Partners and Lion New Zealand, the country’s largest alcohol and beverage company, enjoy a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. This close relationship began in 2010, when the two companies signed a deal to jointly purchase wine assets from Pernod Ricard New Zealand. The acquisition included extensive vineyard holdings in Gisborne and Hawkes Bay, wineries in Gisborne, and twelve wine brands — including Lindauer, an international award-winning sparkling wine.

This significant joint venture leveraged Lions strong sales, marketing and winemaking experience with Indevins wine supply, infrastructure and winemaking capability, to great effect. The relationship also incorporates some of New Zealand most loved wine brands including Lindauer, Huntaway, Corbans, Saints, Verde, Bernadino, Aquila, Chardon, Bensen Block, Timara, and Jackman Ridge.

Today Indevins partnership with Lion is a critical part of both company's operating models, with Indevin acting as a vital supply partner for Lions wine business and Lion being Indevins largest domestic partner.

Both Indevin and Lion have successful wine export businesses and the two companies often work collaboratively on opportunities in other markets, including the UK and Australia. Indevin also works closely with Lions Australian wine business, Fine Wine Partners.