Indevin works closely with New Zealand’s premier grape growers and winemakers to actively protect the environmental integrity of New Zealand and our world-class wine production.

As a member of Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand, we work with a pioneering and forward thinking set of industry-developed standards that provide a framework for improving environmental, social and economic sustainability in both the vineyard and winery.

We are proud to introduce a selection of our talented and dedicated growing team around New Zealand.


Reid & Leigh Fletcher

Waitaria Vineyard


Indevin’s Waitaria Vineyard in the Gisborne region of Patutahi is home to grape growers Reid and Leigh Fletcher. Back in 1974, Penfolds (NZ) gave Leigh’s family the opportunity to plant eight hectares of Muller Thurgau on their land. Today the vineyard has grown to 45 hectares and is managed by their son Andrew. Varieties include Chardonnay, Muscat, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Viognier.

“As Indevin growers, we have gained stability, improved returns and access to a comprehensive infrastructure of viticultural assistance. We would tell anyone thinking of becoming Indevin growers to ‘go for it’.”

Reid & Leigh Fletcher

Roger & Robyn Jones

Totaranui Vineyard


Totaranui Vineyard took shape in 1976 in the Ormond region, when Roger and Robyn Jones planted two hectares of Chasalas grapes for Cooks Wines, followed by a block of Muller Thurgau for Montana Wines. In 1983, their entire land area, which had been used for kumara production, was turned into vineyards. Today the couple have 28 hectares planted primarily with Chardonnay and just over four hectares of Merlot.

They weathered some tough times in the industry before Indevin arrived in Gisborne in 2010 and transferred over the grower contracts from Pernod. For many growers who had been facing uncertainty in the region, this was a real confidence boost.

“It gives us confidence to be working for a successful New Zealand company with such a positive attitude. As a grower, we are treated with respect and never made to feel like a number.”

Roger & Robyn Jones

Jane Buckman & John Kershaw

Kākāriki Vineyard


Named after the beautiful forest bird Kākāriki, meaning ‘small green parrot’ in Māori, Jane and John’s four hectare vineyard is located in the stunning Omaka Valley, where they grow Sauvignon Blanc vines.

The couple moved to Marlborough in 2009 and began a steep learning curve as they embarked on house building and a vineyard apprenticeship. Their relationship with Indevin began in 2010 and they have now completed four successful harvests with Indevin.

“As growers we are supported by an expert viticulture team who care about growing good quality fruit as much as we do. The company's culture of high quality fruit, cropped at a sustainable level appropriate for each Grower's block is a good model. The long-term commitment Indevin has shown to its growers makes us feel confident about investing further in our block.

As an Indevin grower, you’re working with a locally owned and operated company. We know and meet the Indevin team, from management to wine makers, on a regular basis and feel part of a big family. By supplying the very best quality grapes possible we are contributing to a company which has grown and expanded with a clear plan and vision, to provide the world with great wine. There’s nothing wrong with that as your mission statement!”

Jane Buckman & John Kershaw